Our Inclusion policy

Inclusion? What is it?

As soon as the idea of creating Little People Camp came up, we immediately decided that this should be a place for everyone, where all children will feel comfortable and free.

LPCamp is one of the few places where any child can come and such an experience will become important and valuable, and sometimes necessary for this child. In our work, we rely on the principles of inclusion, accessibility and diversity.

We provide children with a choice, adapt the program and events, add individual support if necessary. Our counselors are instructed on the special needs of each child, they know how to act in unusual situations, and are able to rally the group so that each child feels included in the overall process.

How it works? Why is this for my child?

We use technologies from applied behavior analysis (ABA), which provides comfortable work with children with attention and communication deficiencies, underdeveloped social skills and behavioral problems.

What exactly will be done to make your child feel comfortable?

  • We carefully get acquainted with the child’s profile, talk with parents, offer to meet with the child and chat in casual atmosphere. We are looking for the opportunity to talk with some of the specialists working with a child (tutor or support worker, behavioral analyst, teacher).
  • We train counselors, most of whom have experience working with children with special needs.
  • We provide individual support for the child when necessary.
  • We adapt the program and main events, offer an alternative if one of the types of activities is not suitable for the child.
  • In the first days of the session, we talk with the children that we are all different and what to do if they do not understand the behavior of another person, the format of the conversation depends on the age of the children and the specific situation.

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