• Questions and Answers
  • My child is not 7 years old yet. Can we join the camp?

    We had great sessions with five-year-old children. It all depends on the readiness of the child and parents. If the child is self-sufficient enough in self-care, feels comfortable in the company of other children and calmly remains without parents for several days, then everything is possible.

  • I worry that my child will not adjust to the camp; If he goes for the first time, will you give him more attention?

    Sure. We consider the camp as a comfortable place in every sense, where we take care of each child, help them adapt quickly and get their portion of happiness. The camp is a new situation, this is a new regime, new people, new food, new everything. As a rule, the most difficult period is the first week. The mental health counselor and director are always in touch and will help both the child and you to survive separation. If your child is traveling for the first time, call and we will tell you how to prepare your child for this stage of growing up.

  • Does the level of english matter? And if the child is at all at a basic level?

    The language level does not matter. Communication in the classroom is structured in such a way that everyone can participate, in one form or another, children who can translate do it for those who have difficulties with understanding, work in groups and in pairs, which also makes it possible to memorize words and constructions. The atmosphere of easy-going communication removes stiffness and fear of making mistakes. We do not correct errors that do not interfere with speech understanding; we use methods such as self correction and peer correction. English-speaking counselors have sufficient qualifications and experience working with children for whom English is not their native language, so they know how to get a child talking even if he has just started learning the language.

  • How many hours a day do you dedicate to learning english?

    We have no lessons, there are interactive classes that take place in the morning. In these classes children talk about themselves and their interests, prepare for projects and performances that are presented to each other at common events. In the afternoon, even during team building, quests, sports games, evening events, children use the language, because English-speaking counselors with them throughout the day, that is, the need to explain and communicate in English follows children all day.

  • What does inclusive mean?

    We accept children regardless of the presence or absence of special needs. Special needs include temporary or permanent physical limitations, difficulties with mastering the skills of self-regulation, communication, social interaction, and self-care, as well as chronic diseases. We prepare counselors to work with various children. Our task is to ensure that in two weeks the children gain experience in joint activities, creativity, sharing of emotions, in a safe atmosphere for all.

  • Do you have a true international environment?

    Yes, children from other countries come to us for many shifts: mainly from the USA, England, and Israel. Usually the kids instantly find a common language with Russian children and quickly become friends.

  • Are children allowed to use phones?

    The children can use the phones at certain times, twice a day, on average about an hour a day. If parents need to be contacted urgently, the child does this through the counselor, parents can also contact the child at any time through the camp director. All the phones will be stored with counselors.

  • Will you return the cost of the vacation if the child gets ill before the beginning or during the session?

    If you decide to return the ticket before more than 30 days, we will fully refund its cost. If less than 30 days, then withhold from 30 to 100% of the cost of the ticket, depending on the number of days remaining before the start of the shift. If available, place can be transferred to another shift. If the child becomes ill during the session, we will refund the cost of the unused part of the ticket.

  • What medical forms do i need to get for a session?

    Form Ф 079 / У (with a statement about vaccinations from the medical record and a note about the absence of head lice. It is taken from a doctor at school or in a clinic), a form about the absence of contact with infectious patients (three days before departure), a form for the pool.

  • 10 most important things to bring with you
    • Own cup and water bottle
    • Slippers
    • Personal Medicines
    • Comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, shampoo
    • Elegant clothes, accessories for parties
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Cap/hat
    • Small suitcase on wheels
    • Favorite book
    • Scooter / rollers + protection

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