Soulful sessions

Positive attitude towards further learning of English and a psychologically comfortable environment.
Vacations are so few that they must be amazing. Now children have an amazing place where they feel accepted while having a lot of fun. Little People camp is a cozy space in a pine forest, with intense and inspiring communication with classy native English speakers, opportunities for self-expression, fresh air and several days of uninterrupted happiness.
We support children's initiative, give freedom of choice and are proud of a unique program developed by first-class teachers based on international experience. Move closer and let's get acquainted.
195 hours
of intense communication in English
120 hectares
of safe and beautiful area
40+ kinds
of activities and workshops per session

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Sea Camp

Море и кружок ровного загара - самое главное на любой морской смене.
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Camp For Charity

LP Camp всегда был тесно связан с благотворительностью, а наши дети любят фантазировать и делать добро.
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Poetic St. Petersburg

В Петербург приезжают смотреть на кучевые облака, ловить музу во дворах-колодцах и впитывать искусство.
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Неожиданные каникулы - еще один повод встретиться и качественно зарядиться перед холодными временами!

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