The idea

The idea

We came up with the idea of Little People Camp after working in camps in Russia and abroad for many years.

Our camp is a perfect place for children to open up, learn to resolve conflicts and negotiate, fall in love, make friends and sob into the pillow, to express themselves and party like it’s the last time.

We do not have strict guidelines and classical entertainments, but there are jointly formulated rules, reliable and enthusiastic counselors, an abundance of activities and a lot of warmth.

We run LP camp so that our children have the opportunity to enjoy growing up and freely communicate with native speakers. From start to finish the children are imbued with freedom of expression while being encouraged being responsible to others.

Our approach to learning english

Learning and memorizing a second language is difficult, but the best way to do it is to surround ourselves with it and live it.

Only when we invest in the process of feelings and experiences, can we easier remember, and therefore build new neural networks. That is why the language barrier is more easily overcome when communicating with native speakers, as you simply have no choice, and you begin to speak, first using your facial expressions and gestures, and only then expressive speech.

So, we decided to abandon the lessons in favor of more effective games and empowering classes in English.

By and large, it doesn’t matter what intellectual skills you train, be it languages or robotics, different areas of the brain are being trained, and accordingly different tasks are being solved. The important thing is what feelings the child is learning with and what feelings the teacher has while working.

About the groups

Groups are formed in such a way that the age difference in the children does not exceed three years.

This approach allows younger children to feel the support of the peers, and older children to realize leadership qualities in the role of mentors.

As a result, a warmer relationship develops in the group.

About the mental health support

An experienced and trustworthy mental health counselor will always be there to help children cope with the emotions, homesickness and issues that young people commonly face.

In addition, we support the idea of inclusion and will be happy to accept children with a wide range of needs. This is a common practice in the world that contributes to the formation of responsibility, mutual respect and support among children. In one squad there is no more than one or two children that have special needs. That child is accompanied by the support worker 24 hours a day.

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