The session

About the sessions

Each of our sessions is an explosion of emotions! In good weather, large-scale team games, quests in the pines, picnics, open air events, camping days, evenings with marshmallows and a guitar around the campfire await the children.

When the weather isn’t great, we know how to engage the children: we have acting workshops, EQ development activities, movie-making, DIY - workshops, debates, theater revue, musical days with ukuleles, drums and guitar, recording your own squad song, talent shows and counselors with songs on the guitar for any occasion.

The topic of the session does not set a framework for activities, first of all, we look at the children, find out about their hobbies and interests on the first days, and modify the program so that it is good and funny for every child.

We are professionals in improvisation.

Those who have already spent holidays with us know what a rich, interesting and bright life we have. Every day with us is a surprise and warm communication.


Мало мест


Неожиданные каникулы - еще один повод встретиться и качественно зарядиться перед холодными временами!
Few places


Про истории. Stand up, сказки, комиксы и артистизм. Попробуем наконец TED talks!


Про современное искусство. Будем искать вдохновение в необычном и, конечно, творить!


Самая международная смена. Про узнавание себя, своих эмоций, про то, что все мы разные и это прекрасно.

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